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PS22 Pneumatic Tensioner Tool
PS22 Pneumatic Tensioner Tool
Model PS22
Weight 4.4 kg
Dimension 30.5cm(L) x 15.6cm(W) x 24.8cm(H)
Sealing double notch
Air pressure 5 - 6 bar
Tube Min. inside diam. = 8mm/5/16
Vibrations at handle 0.551m/s2
Levels, measurement type A 87.9dB(A)
Package size 38cm(L) x 25cm(W) x 17cm(H)
Gross weight 5.2 kg

Steel strapping
Strap thickness 0.7mm-1.0mm (Regular Duty) 0.7mm-0.9mm (Hi-Tensile)
Strap width 19mm. 25mm. 32mm

Push type 19mm. 25mm. 32mm

Operation Instructions
1. Feeding the strap
The strap is through the seal, around the package to be strapped and pushed again through the seal.
Then the strap end is bent.
Afterwards the operator tensions the loose hoop manually making sure that the bent strap end is adjacent to the object to be strapped.
2. Tensioning and Sealing the strap
Hold the tool with the right hand and pull the Motor against lever.
Insert the strap below the feed wheel, at the same time push the tool forward against the seal, and release the lever.
Turn the switch ring counter clockwise, the strap is tensioned.
After tensioning the strap.
Place the sealer PS22 on top of the seal.
Actuate the control lever, the seal is notched.
Remove the sealer after finishing sealing cycle.
3. Proper joint
The joint can be checked visually and the person controlling can easily judge the quality of the joint.


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